6 years of experience in designing story-driven action/adventure games for PC & consoles. During these years I worked on a 4-year-long project (a non-linear first-person action/adventure game) from start to finish. As Lead Designer, I was in charge of the game, world, level, mission, and narrative design.

Hard Skills

  • Good working knowledge of Maya and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects).
  • Experience with Unreal Engine.
  • Experience with scripting tools (UE4 Blueprints, GameMaker).
  • Basic knowledge of C++.
Soft Skills
  • Fast problem-solver and decision-maker (a skill I developed thanks to the ever-changing nature of the project).
  • Interdisciplinary communication (ensuring smooth communication between departments).
  • Hard worker (getting a boost when a deadline approaches).
  • Strong passion for story-driven games (I truly believe in the medium’s narrative potential).

Work Experience

Level Designer
Remedy Entertainment – August 2022 – Present

Level Designer
Stormind Games – January 2021 – July 2022

Lead Designer
Indiegala – January 2016 – December 2020

Die Young (PC/Steam 2019, PS4 2020) Open-World, First-Person Action/Adventure
Project Role: Lead Designer
Main Responsibilities: Game Design, World & Level Design, Mission Design, Narrative Design, Production.

Die Young: Prologue (PC/Steam 2019) First-Person Action/Adventure DLC
Project Role: Lead Designer
Main Responsibilities: Level Design, Narrative Design, Production.

Game Designer, 2D / 3D Artist
redBit games – February 2015 – December 2015

Tap Galaxy: Deep Space Mine (Android/iOS 2015)
Responsibilities: Game Design, Creative Direction.

Pocket Rush (Android/iOS 2015)
Responsibilities: Tracks Design, 3D Assets, Game User Interface.

Spotty & Friends: Playground (Android/iOS 2015)
Responsibilities: Cutout Animation (Spine).

Shaolin Fury (Android/iOS 2015)
Responsibilities: 2D Art, Animation (Spine)Game User Interface.


3D Animation & Compositing – Professional Master Course (110/110 Summa cum Laude)
Sapienza Università di Roma – 2013/2014
East Asian Languages and Civilizations – Master’s Degree (110/110 Summa cum Laude)
Sapienza Università di Roma – 2008/2011